It all began in Ludvika around christmas 1988, when one of our members got a shovel engine from his parents as a christmas gift.

He began to build on his Harley and his mates thought that this seemed to be a great way to live your life.

We were five friends at age 18-19, that started to ride with a club called Jönshyttan MC.

"Jönshyttan is an old cemetery with unmarked graves, where they used to bury the corps from Säters Insanity Hospital."

We got our patches and rode with Jönshyttan MC for a while, but they were much older than us and started to drop off one by one, (leave the club that is...), and in the end it was only the five of us left. At that point we decided to let Jönshyttan MC rest in peace, and start a club that really felt as our own creation.

In the spring in 1994 we went to The Super Rally in Denmark with our new patches Immortals MC. We managed to find some empty space for rent in an old brewery, and there we spent our time with our bikes and partied as hell.

In 1997 we began to ride a lot with some members from Yrsel MC in Borlänge. We got along very well, and even more than they got along with their other club mates. They told us that they were thinking about leaving Yrsel, and we suggested that they could join Immortals MC, and have their own chapter in Borlänge. Since we had the same ideals and seemed to have so much fun when we spent our time together, we all agreed that it would be a great thing to do.

At that time the eight guys who left Yrsel MC drove to another club in Borlänge, that was called Scratch MC. They had made a major clean up in their club, so there were only four members left of them. Our new guys gave them an offer they could not refuse. They would become members of Immortals MC if they let their club house over to us. They liked the idea and burned their old patches. Unfortunately none of the four guys from "Scratch MC" are with the Immortals today.

During the years some have left and some have joined us,but the ones who started all this are still hanging in and it´s only getting better.

- Micke -